How do you have a safety net when it doesn’t even exist in the first place? A personal story on autism and mental health.

Autism and Expectations

When I first got my diagnosis of autism, I was assured by the experts that nothing was different. I was still the same me that had walked through the door.

And I agreed.

When I told family about my diagnosis, I told them it didn’t change anything, I was still me.

And they agreed,

When I told friends about my diagnosis, I said, “None of this fundamentally changes who I am”.

And they agreed.

Off we all wandered in our own directions, happy that I was still me, they were still them, and the world wasn’t fundamentally different.

I was yet to find one of the most profound differences being autistic made to my life. I speak a lot about how Autism is the key to understanding myself, about its positives, about the wonderful life-experience being so involved with my senses gives me.

But lurking in the background is something…

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