I see a lot of posts complaining that people get political or serious on Facebook. It is not lost to me that the majority of these people are cis/het and white.

Trust me. If I had the privilege to be able to not be political, I would.

If I had the ability to post nothing but pretty, funny, cute, omg pictures and uplifting statements, I would.

If my staying silent didn’t leave me complacent in the wake of the degradation and death of minority groups, I would stay silent.

If my every living breath wasn’t politicized for me, I wouldn’t be making this political.

If holding hands with our partners didn’t chance getting us beaten, killed, or raped, then I wouldn’t be talking serious all the time.

If daring to exist as trans didn’t chance losing me my job, my housing, my life (both figuratively and metaphorically), then I wouldn’t be so damn serious.

But until my struggles, and the struggles of my siblings have come to pass, I have no choice.

I don’t get the luxury of not dealing with politics.

I don’t get the luxury of not dealing with stark, depressing realities.

I don’t ever, ever get that luxury, because I live in a world that wants me hurt, wants me hidden, and wants me dead, and like hell I will go silently, because be damned if my children’s world is going to want them hurt, hidden and dead.